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Angela Green, PhD, APN

Vice President of Performance Improvement

John Boyd Family Endowed Chair in Pediatric Nursing and Director of Nursing Research, Arkansas Children’s Hospital
Clinical Associate Professor, UAMS College of Nursing
Phone: (501) 364-3250
Research Overview

Dr. Green is the Vice President of Performance Improvement Director of Professional Practice at Arkansas Children's Hospital and holds a faculty appointment in the UAMS College of Nursing. In December 2007, Dr. Green was installed as the Boyd Family Endowed Chair in Pediatric Nursing. This endowed chair in pediatric nursing is the first in Arkansas and one of very few pediatric nursing chairs in the country. Her research focuses on quality of life and psychosocial outcomes in children with special health care needs and evidence-based practice implementation. She a strong history of research funding including funding from the National Institute of Nursing Research, the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Research/Arkansas Biosciences Research Institute Competitive Grant Program, the Southern Nursing Research Society/American Nurses Foundation Grant Scholar Program, and the Society of Pediatric Nurses. She recently completed research focusing on adolescents' transition to self-management after heart transplantation and a second study evaluating an online evidence-based practice implementation program. In addition, she has the privilege of working with the ACH staff on research and evidence-based practice projects on a range of topics including improving pain assessment and management, transitioning to oral feedings, and improving nursing sensitive outcomes.

Key Publications*

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*To find additional publications by this author, please visit Pubmed Central, a National Institutes of Health-operated site for electronic distribution of life sciences research reports.



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